Metal Detectable Rubber

Metal detectable and x-ray detectable rubber compounds are essential to reduce the risk of contamination in the food and beverage industries. The early detection and removal made possible with these types of elastomers reduces the risk of contaminated product ever reaching the wider supply chain.

Although all rubber components are designed to be durable, over time these products can begin to degrade. As the seals wear out, the risk of fragmentation increases, and with it the risk of contamination of the product.

Metal detectable and x-ray detectable compounds makes it easy to spot unexpected contamination, giving the operator an opportunity to stop the production line and remove the contaminated product. Using metal detection equipment already in place on production lines, fragments of elastomer as small as 2mm can be identified and removed.

Metal detectable and x-ray detectable rubber

NES supply a range of metal detectable and x-ray detectable rubber products, including o rings, gaskets and extruded cord and profiles. Specifically designed to meet the demands of the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, our metal detectable rubber reduces the risk of foreign body contamination in the end product.

Our metal detectable o rings and seals are offered in a range of shapes and sizes, with a variety of elastomer grades available. These o rings can be supplied in EPDM, nitrile, silicone and FKM compounds, as well as other specifications upon request.

Why choose metal detectable rubber?

All our metal detectable and x-ray detectable rubber products have a few key features which make it a top choice for food and beverage industries. Some of the benefits of these types of rubber components include:

  • Easy detection of lost fragments of elastomer
  • Lowered risk of product recall
  • Prevention of distribution of contaminated products
  • FDA compliant for use with drink and food
  • Highly durable, reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime
  • Large operating temperature range, for increased safety

Here at NES, we are able to supply custom made metal detectable rubber components to fit perfectly with your requirements. For advice on any aspect of our products, please talk to our friendly, experienced team.