CAM Lock Gaskets and Seals

CAM Lock Gaskets and CAM Lock Seals

We provide robust and flexible CAM lock gaskets for purchase, relating to your specific needs and requirements. We understand that our customers will require CAM lock seals for a variety of purposes and we can provide you with professional advice and expert guidance to help choose the right style, type, and size of encapsulated CAM lock gasket that is right for your project and specific processes.

The cam and groove couplings allows for fast and easy connection and disconnection when working with a number of applications. It is suitable for all types of materials, from liquids to powders, vapours and granules.

Our gaskets are available with either a silicone or Viton core and have been designed to provide a touch seal with which to withstand virtually any chemical or corrosive environment. The FEP encapsulation adds a secure seal that can hold at the highest of pressures and temperatures, and it has even been designed with ease of application and installation in mind.

The seals have been designed to follow strict regulatory instructions, ensuring that they can be used safely within the food industry, Petrochemical, Chemical as well as the Pharmaceutical Industry, where there is often high pressure, high temperatures and corrosive chemicals in play. With an elastomer core and FEP/PFA exterior, the seals are perfect for chemical resistance.

Our encapsulated CAM lock gasket has a non-stick finish, allowing for easier insertion and leak-free CAM lock seals that are reusable within your range of applications and processes.

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As one of the leading providers of CAM lock gaskets, we understand how important it is to provide a wide range of styles and sizes that suit your specific application. We have a range available that includes standard style, metal detectable and x-ray detectable, as well as FEP/PFA encapsulated. We also offer full range of non CAM lock seals and manway seals. Whatever your needs and the environment to be used in, we have the couplings to assist you.

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NES' standard range of CAM Lock Gaskets and Seals. For bespoke sizes, please contact our NES Sales Team.

NB OD x ID x Thickness FEP/FKM FEP/Silicone
1/2" 26.59mm x 17.44mm x 4.00mm NES3336 NES3347
3/4" 34.92mm x 22.22mm x 5.54mm NES3337 NES3348
1" 39.67mm x 26.97mm x 6.45mm NES3338 NES3349
1.1/4" 49.22mm x 34.52mm x 6.45mm NES3339 NES3350
1.1/2" 55.55mm x 41.28mm x 6.45mm NES3340 NES3351
2" 66.68mm x 50.80mm x 6.45mm NES3341 NES3352
2.1/2" 79.37mm x 60.33mm x 6.45mm NES3342 NES3353
3" 94.46mm x 76.20mm x 6.45mm NES3343 NES3354
4" 123.83mm x 101.60mm x 6.45mm NES3344 NES3355
5" 150.10mm x 123.95mm x 6.75mm NES3345 NES3356
6" 179.00mm x 152.40mm x 6.45mm NES3346 NES3357