Viton O-ring cord

Using O ring cord can help you to fabricate the right o ring for your needs, just when you need it. Available in a range of thicknesses to suit your application, our Viton™ o ring cord is cut to length, in one complete piece. Need a lot of cord? We can also supply bulk orders, delivered on a spool for your convenience.

Our Viton o ring cord

Viton™ is a highly versatile material, good for a diverse range of applications. For sealing jobs where the process is dynamic, Viton™ is a great choice as it’s resistant to rubbing, tearing and abrasion. It’s capable of creating reliable seals where fluids, gasses, oils and acids are used, and even in the case of some hydrocarbons.

Made from a combination of fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber, Viton™ o rings are suitable for use in many applications, including:

  • High temperature applications, up to 250°C
  • Low temperature environments, down to -40°C
  • Applications using mineral oils and greases
  • Processes involving non-flammable hydraulic fluids
  • High vacuum applications
  • Situations where it may be exposed to ozone, weather or aging
  • Processes involving aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • For sealing in the presence of gasoline, including high alcohol gasoline

We supply these o ring cords to a whole variety of industries clients, including in chemical processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and general industrial. If you think you require Viton o ring cord for your business, talk to our team for advice on choosing the right product for your needs.

The leading o ring cord suppliers nationwide

NES are one of the leading o ring cord suppliers in both the world. Our custom-made o rings are a top choice for ready-to-use convenience, but for many businesses, it’s more important to be able to cut their own o rings to size, and to do so fast. In this situation, our o ring cord can be relied upon to be of the highest quality, combining reliability, and effectiveness into one handy package.

For advice on choosing the right products and materials for your needs, or to have a custom order manufactured just for you, simply get in touch with our team today.