FKM O-Ring Cord

Premium FKM O-Ring Cord for Extreme Environments 

Known as Viton™, FKM is a material used in some of the harshest environments due to its impressive resistance to chemical interactions, temperature fluctuations, and environmental factors.  FKM is a top choice for many specialist applications. 

NES manufactures high-quality FKM O-ring cord using only Viton™, providing you with the flexibility to create your own O-rings whenever required.  Our O-ring cord is an ideal solution for non-standard O-ring replacements or situations that require a variety of O-ring sizes. 

FKM O-Ring Cord Explained 

FKM O-rings are created using a fluorinated hydrocarbon rubber product that can withstand extremely challenging conditions.  While FKM seals may be more expensive than equivalent nitrile seals, they perform better in demanding applications. 

Choosing FKM for your O-ring cord ensures suitability for even the toughest tasks.  Its durability and reliability lead to reduced downtime, extended machinery lifespan, and decreased maintenance requirements, making it a valuable investment for many businesses. 

Applications of FKM O-Ring Cord 

FKM is highly advantageous in certain situations due to its unique properties.  Some characteristics of FKM include: 

  • High-temperature resistance, up to 250°C 
  • Chemical resistance, including oils, acids, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons 
  • Environmental stability, maintaining a seal in the presence of UV, oxidation, ozone, and mould 

FKM is commonly used in appliance processing, chemical industries, automotive businesses, and more.  We also supply FKM O-ring cord to aerospace, oil and gas, refining, and transportation industries. 

Selecting the Right FKM O-Ring Cord 

Our expert team is available to provide technical advice, ensuring you purchase the best products for your needs.  We can supply our FKM O-ring cord in bulk, on a spool, or pre-cut to your desired length.  Our O-ring cord is available in a range of standard cross-sections, or we can manufacture something specific to your requirements.  Contact NES today to find out more. 


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