Rubber Extrusions And Profiles

Rubber extrusions and profiles

Our comprehensive range of rubber extrusions and profiles means we’ve got the ideal product for any requirement or application you might have. Used extensively for sealing and noise control, our rubber extrusions profiles are also used as decorative trim, for energy saving seals and more. Whether you need a straightforward length of rubber extrusion, a complex profile with corners and bends or something completely unique, we’re able to manufacture the ideal product for you.

We’re happy to work to your brief, so if you require colour matching, notch cutting, punching, die cutting or any other advanced services we’re perfectly placed to help. We are also able to customise compounds for particular applications to offer the ideal level of performance for any particular environment.

We can manufacture rubber extrusions profiles in any size or style and from a variety of materials. These include neoprene, nitrile, silicone, Hypalon, EPDM, Viton and more. No matter whether you need a small quantity or a much larger amount, we’ll be pleased to assist you with your order.

Our rubber extrusions services

When you work with us for your rubber extruded profile, you’ll benefit from a full service offering that will ensure you end up with the perfect result. Our service includes the design of tooling, provision of samples for you to check, the manufacture of your product, quality control inspections and delivery to your door. For advice on choosing the right rubber extrusions for your needs and for a free and friendly quote, contact our expert team today.

Sealing your Environment

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