Milk Coupling Gaskets

Milk Coupling Gaskets

Milk coupling gaskets are widely used within the food industry, especially in dairy lines and production, where the aseptic seals are utilised.
For dairy couplings the sealing rings have been designed in a specific way to help with food applications and processes, sealing screw joints for maximum efficiency.

Milk coupling gaskets are designed to be durable and robust as they are likely to come into contact with aggressive and high-temperature media. They are available in several types of material to cover your specific requirements, from NBR, EPDM, silicones, HNBR, and Viton including full range of metal/X ray detectable compounds.

This approach with a variable material ensures that the milk coupling gasket seals have can have detectable elastomer cores. Should any contaminated products become present, they will easily be identified and prevented from reaching consumers in a scenario where seals or seal parts have become loose within an application and within a product.

Sealing rings that have been designed for dairy couplings are produced in line with tough industry regulations, ensuring the highest levels of safety. Milk coupling gaskets and can be used within a wide range of food production applications and processes.

Our milk gaskets can also be adapted to be used within different standards of tubing, from SMS, US, BSOD, or DIN to name a few. We can provide specific milk coupling gaskets upon request to help you fit your exact requirements and specification.

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