Milk Coupling Gaskets

High-Quality Milk Coupling Gaskets Perfect for the Food Industry 

Milk coupling gaskets are essential for dairy production, where aseptic seals are vital. These gaskets have been developed specifically for food applications, sealing screw joints for optimal efficiency. 

Durable and Robust Gaskets from NES

At NES, we offer durable and robust milk coupling gaskets that can withstand aggressive and high-temperature media.  We use a variety of materials, such as NBR, EPDM, silicones, HNBR, and Viton, including a full range of metal/X-ray detectable compounds to cater to your specific needs. 

Detectable Elastomer Cores for Added Safety

Our milk coupling gaskets have detectable elastomer cores, ensuring that any contaminated products can be identified and prevented from reaching consumers.  We comply with strict industry regulations, ensuring that our sealing rings for dairy couplings meet the highest standards of safety. 

Versatile Gaskets for different Tubing Standards

Our milk gaskets are versatile and can be adapted to fit different standards of tubing, such as SMS, US, BSOD, or DIN.  We can provide custom milk coupling gaskets upon request, tailored to your exact requirements and specifications. 

Contact NES today to learn more about our milk coupling gaskets and how they can benefit your food production applications and processes. 


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