NES’ DIN 11851 Seals and Fittings 

Providing Hygienic Solutions for Critical Industries

When it comes to equipment where hygiene is a top priority, NES supplies a range of seals and fittings that comply with the widely recognized DIN 11851 standard.  Our products comply with key criteria such as uniform wall thickness, tight tolerances, and suitable finishes, making them the ideal choice for industries where hygiene is critical. 

DIN 11851 is commonly used in fittings for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, chemical, and solar industries.  Our high-quality fittings are robust, easily sterilized, and cavity-free, making them ideal for use in many hygienic settings throughout Europe.  NES supplies DIN 11851 seals that are precision manufactured in our purpose-built Sheffield facility. 

Understanding the DIN 11851 Standard 

DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standards refer to a series of technical standards originating in Germany.  These standards are widely used throughout Europe to ensure norms for quality control, safety, environmental protection, and rationalization. 

The DIN 11851 specification is related to hygienic unions, providing a standard for connections used in sanitary conditions that comply with safety and food standard regulations.  Also known as the “dairy thread,” DIN 11851 sanitary fittings consist of a clutch thread with coarse, rounded thread edges that make them easier to clean. 

NES’ DIN 11851 Seals 

NES supplies DIN 11851 seal products in two variations: flanged or lipped provides a flush fitting and crevice-free joint, while the more commonly used unlipped seal creates a secure join that is robust and reliable. 

Our DIN 11851 seals are typically manufactured in EPDM, although they can also be manufactured in other elastomers as required.  Other common variants include nitrile rubber (NBR), Viton (FKM), and Silicone. 

DIN 11851 Dimensions 

All DIN 11851 dimensions are fabricated according to specifications, with the exception of the welding connections.  This includes thread dimensions, pipe dimensions, and flanges. 

For DIN 11851 seals, the recognised DN sizes are provided below: 

DN sizeInternal DiameterOuter DiameterHeightRadius
DN1012 mm20 mm4.5 mm2.3 mm
DN1518 mm26 mm4.5 mm2.3 mm
DN2023 mm33 mm4.5 mm2.8 mm
DN2530 mm40 mm5 mm2.8 mm
DN3236 mm46 mm5 mm2.8 mm
DN4042 mm52 mm5 mm2.8 mm
DN5054 mm64 mm5 mm2.8 mm
DN6571 mm81 mm5 mm2.8 mm
DN8085 mm95 mm5 mm2.8 mm
DN100104 mm114 mm6 mm2.8 mm
DN125130 mm142 mm7 mm3.5 mm
DN150155 mm167 mm7 mm3.5 mm
Precision Moulded Products

If you require hygienic seals and fittings that comply with DIN 11851 standards, contact NES today to discuss how our precision-manufactured products can support your requirements.  Our team of experts is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. 


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