PFA Tubing

The Superior Choice for High-Performance Applications 

Perfluoro alkoxy (PFA) tubing shares many similarities with PTFE, such as its broad chemical resistance, wide temperature range, non-stick properties, low friction, and excellent electrical insulation performance.  However, PFA tubing surpasses PTFE in several areas, such as lower gas permeability and increased transparency, making it an ideal choice when visibility and reliability are crucial. 

Key Properties of PFA Tubing 

PFA tubing boasts several features that make it the perfect material for even the most challenging environments: 

  • Low gas permeability 
  • Wide temperature range (-250°C to 260°C) 
  • Broad chemical resistance 
  • Limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 95% 
  • Higher thermal stability than FEP 
  • FDA-compliant for food processes 
  • USP Class VI compliant 
  • WRAS approved 
  • Highly translucent 
  • Near-zero moisture absorption 
  • High purity 
  • Exceptional mechanical strength, even at high temperatures. 
  • Diverse Applications of PFA Tubing 

PFA tubing is suitable for a wide range of applications and is often the material of choice for demanding environments.  Industries that commonly use our PFA extruded tubing include aerospace, electronics, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, and food processing. 

PFA Tubing Suppliers: Expertise and Quality Assurance 

As one of the UK’s leading PFA tubing suppliers, NES guarantees top-quality products and outstanding customer care.  Our knowledgeable team is available to assist and advise on any aspect of your order.  When you purchase PFA tubing from us, you can: 

  • Request tubing cut to any length or supplied as one continuous piece 
  • Opt for pigmented PFA, subject to a minimum order quantity and development time 
  • Choose to have your PFA extruded into any required profile 
  • Have your PFA manufactured in any size up to 31.75mm 

By choosing NES as your supplier, you can be confident that you are working with industry experts. 

Extensive Range of PFA Tubing Sizes 

We offer a wide selection of PFA extruded tubing sizes to ensure you find the exact component you need.  If you require a non-standard size or shape, our team is available to accommodate your requests.  Our expert engineers are on hand to provide any advice on any of our products and ensure you obtain the correct materials for your specific application. 

Choose PFA tubing for your high-performance applications, and experience the benefits of working with NES, a trusted supplier with expertise in delivering tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. 


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