NES TECHNIFLATE® Inflatable Seals

Revolutionary Inflatable Seals for a Wide Range of Applications 

NES TECHNIFLATE® inflatable seals are high-quality, custom-engineered sealing solutions used across various sectors, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defence, nuclear, and alternative energy industries.  Manufactured in-house with our purpose-built facilities, these seals have gained a reputation as the go-to solution for complex and highly detailed profiles in low to medium volume, high-value projects. 

Why Choose NES TECHNIFLATE® Inflatable Seals? 

  • Precise Dimension Control: Extruded in-house for complete control over dimensions
  • Superior Vulcanisation: Ensures the best join available using parent material
  • Expert Engineering and Production Team: Assistance with developing and supplying the most suitable solution for customer applications
  • Patented Membrane Technology: Wrap-around sealing on rotating shafts, reducing costs and downtime for end-users
  • High-Quality Western Sourced Materials: Silicone, Viton™, and EPDM
  • Versatility: Success across marine, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and industrial sectors with materials like Silicone, FKM, and EPDM

Discover More About NES TECHNIFLATE® Inflatable Seals 

To learn more about these advanced sealing solutions, download the NES TECHNIFLATE® Product PDF.  If you need assistance in ordering custom inflatable seals, download the NES TECHNIFLATE® Inflatable Seal form and contact our team of experts for guidance. 

NES TECHNIFLATE® inflatable seals offer unparalleled versatility. Each seal is precision extruded and can be customised to fit your specific application. The profile expands when inflated in position, creating a tight, perfect barrier, even in challenging applications. This makes them the ideal choice for applications requiring a clean, robust seal to protect against dust, contamination, and moisture. 

Utilising advanced vulcanisation techniques, our seals are exceptionally strong.  Our elastomer inflatable seals can be manufactured using materials like Viton™, silicones, EPDM, and more.  Discuss your requirements with our team, and we will be happy to advise on suitable solutions. 

Applications of NES TECHNIFLATE® Inflatable Rubber Seals 

The inflatable nature of these seals enables them to create a perfect gasket in areas where fixed seals might struggle.  They are ideal for applications requiring protection from powders, gases, liquids, and granules, particularly where the gap being sealed is not standard. 

NES TECHNIFLATE® inflatable rubber seals excel in situations where: 

  • Assembly and disassembly must be performed quickly and easily 
  • The gap being sealed varies 
  • Hygiene control is critical, such as in food production 

All NES TECHNIFLATE® seals undergo pressure testing (1 bar) to ensure compatibility with a variety of applications. 

Ordering Custom Inflatable Seals from NES 

While we offer many standard profiles, we also understand the need for custom solutions.  We provide bespoke inflatable seals based on your specifications or samples/drawings provided. 

Seals are available in various elastomers, including nitrile, Viton™, silicone, and EPDM. Our vulcanisation process enables us to manufacture and join almost any shape and size of seal for your needs.  To place an order, we require: 

  • A sample of the required seal, if possible 
  • A 3D drawing of the seal, including radius corners 
  • Inflation direction information 
  • Valve type 

For assistance in ordering custom inflatable seals, consult our expert team.  If you need help specifying the material, valve type, or any other detail, our mechanical engineering expertise will ensure you receive the perfect product for your needs. 


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