Hot Vulcanised O-Rings – The Ultimate Choice for Diverse Applications

NES is a market leader in the manufacture of hot vulcanised O-rings, offering outstanding tolerances and a joint strength of 90% of a fully moulded product.  Our high-quality materials, such as those provided by Chemours™, ensure a low compression set for top-quality VulcOrings. 

VulcOrings, or cord rings, are versatile sealing solutions used across diverse applications and markets due to their profile and material options, offering a cost-effective and quick alternative to moulded seals. 

Why Choose NES VulcOrings? 

  • Cost-effective and fast alternative to moulded seals
  • Typical joint strength of around 90% of a fully moulded part, thanks to parent material use that preserves material characteristics across the join without glue
  • In-house extrusion of all core ensures full dimension control meeting E1 and tighter tolerances
  • Lowest industry compression set values (as low as 5.9%) for longer sealing life
  • Standard cross-sectional diameters (CSDs) ranging from 1.78mm up to 40.00mm with no upper limit on ID
  • No tooling charges for NES standard CSDs
  • Same-day emergency service available for small quantities & high volumes by agreement (subject to availability)

NES understands the importance of lead times in VulcOring delivery and offers: 

  • Rapid Day 3 guaranteed delivery 
  • Emergency Same Day Production 

Download our NES VulcOrings Product PDF for additional information. 


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