Medical Seals and Pharmaceutical Seals

In all medical and pharmaceutical industries, having reliable sealing capabilities are crucial. Seals need to be chemically resistant, mechanically strong and hygienic, calling for specialist products to fill this niche.

Here at NES, our medical rubber grades have been specifically engineered to produce medical seals of the highest calibre. Our products have been proven to withstand a wide range of media and to produce a competent seal even in the presence of potent pharmaceutical ingredients and aggressive cleaning practices.

The benefits of our medical and pharmaceutical seals

Our medical seals are developed to extend the operating capabilities of your equipment, protecting valves and pumps for a longer lifespan. Choosing specialist medical seals for specialist jobs comes with a number of key benefits, including:

  • Suitability for slow dynamic applications as well as static
  • Flexibility, with designs easily adapted for many applications
  • High quality and reliable
  • Compliant with all relevant standards and approvals
  • Available in materials which have been specially developed for the industry

Our pharmaceutical and medical seals are used in a diverse array of applications. We have supplied medical and pharmaceutical seals for use in respiratory equipment, fluid transfer equipment, pumps, cylinders, valves and much more.

Ordering your pharmaceutical or medical seals

We can supply our specialist pharmaceutical seals in any size, shape or material you may need. Whether you need a precise metric or imperial measurement, a standard or custom-made product, NES are the specialists that can supply what you need.

If you are in any way unsure of which material or type of seal you require, please get in touch with us for advice. Our decades of experience in the industry means we are perfectly placed to offer expert support and guidance throughout the order process. Call today to find out more.