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Founded in 1983, Northern Engineering (Sheffield) Ltd, or NES as we are known, has built a strong global reputation.

Dedicated to advancing elastomeric technologies, NES is a UK manufacturer with a truly worldwide reach.

Capable of providing effective solutions to high value engineering challenges, NES combines in-depth experience in working with advanced materials with an unswerving commitment to service and quality. This has made us a key partner for many major OEMs.

Our purpose built facilities, carefully planned to ensure efficient seamless production, mean that NES can offer scalable production – from single bespoke products to full rate production.

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  • Custom built NES Ncap® production pods - for low rate and full rate production
  • Astra Seal® department with wire coiler, designed and developed by our own technical team
  • Hot-vulcanised spliced joined sealing department boasting 25 years of experience
  • Moulding department with six standard moulding presses and one linear moulding press allowing the manufacture of infinite inside diameters
  • Extrusion department with six silicone and rubber extruders – capable of producing standard cord to complex inflatable and custom profiles, supported by precision grinding equipment to meet more stringent tolerances
  • Inflatable Seal and Custom Profile department manufacturing standard and non-standard, bespoke profiles including NES’ patented ‘membrane technology’, NES TECHNIFLATE® inflatable seals
  • Custom built clean room to adhere to specific customer cleanliness requirements

Additional resources and expertise are available through our sister companies as part of the Integrated Polymer Solutions group; comprising a wealth of specialist design engineering and manufacturing skills in transforming raw materials into highly specialised components.

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