USP Class VI

One of the fastest growing areas in the medical device industry, and with such growth comes new requirements for high performance seals. NES have been providing USP Class VI seals for many years and are considered industry experts in such products.

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) sets standards for quality, purity, consistency and strength via a series of rigorous tests to prove their suitability. Materials must pass a systemic toxicity test, an intracutaneous test and an implantation test, conducted on real living tissue.

As a result, any rubber compounds certified under USP Class VI are proven to have high levels of biocompatibility, meaning they are ideally placed to use in medical and pharmaceutical situations.

USP Class VI elastomers

Class VI elastomers are highly sought after by those in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This is because they have a wide range of uses and are the safest types of seals and components for all types of medical equipment.

Some of the common uses include by biopharmaceutical manufacturers for their process equipment, by medical facilities such as hospitals as components in fluid transfer and pumps, and medical specialists for direct applications, such as in tissue implants and other functions.

USP Class VI silicone

Silicones which are classified under the USP Class VI requirements are suitable for use in food processing as well as medical and pharmaceutical installations. Ingredients used in these compounds have a clear history of wide biocompatibility and undergo the same rigorous testing as any other Class VI rubber compound.

What we supply

Here at NES, we are able to supply a wide range of components which have been classified under the USP standards. Whether you need an off the shelf product or a bespoke developed item, our experts are on hand to serve your every need. Call today to find out more.