Large O-Rings

Large Vulcanised O-Rings for Your Industrial Needs 

If you’re in need of large diameter O-Rings for your static applications or low-pressure work, NES has got you covered.  Our range of large O-Rings come in various sizes, all of which are vulcanised to ensure a superior bond and better sealing properties. 

Why Choose NES’ Vulcanised Large O-Rings? 

We take pride in our large O-Rings because they are made using uncured raw materials that are vulcanised to create a stronger bond, making them a better choice than spliced-only O-Rings.  Here’s why you should use our vulcanised large O-Rings for your industrial needs: 

  • Wide Range of Sizes Available: At NES, we can produce vulcanised O-Rings in sizes ranging from 1.78mm up to 40mm.  Whether you need large O-Rings for a specific project or for general industrial use, we can accommodate your needs. 
  • Better Sealing Properties: Unlike cyanoacrylate bonding, our vulcanisation process uses uncured raw materials to create a stronger bond between the two ends of the O-Ring.  This means that our large rubber O-Rings offer a better seal, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly and safely. 
  • Cost-Effective Solution: One of the benefits of choosing NES for your large O-Ring needs is that our vulcanisation process eliminates the need for tooling.  This makes our large O-Rings a more affordable solution compared to moulded O-Rings of the same size.  Additionally, since tooling isn’t required, we can produce your order in a shorter amount of time. 
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Thanks to our streamlined manufacturing process, we can produce your vulcanised O-Ring order in a timely manner.  This means you can get the large O-Rings you need quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality. 

Ordering from NES 

We have a range of un-joined O-Ring stock in our facility, so there’s a good chance that we have the right size for you.  However, if you need something unique or non-standard, we can manufacture a bespoke order for you.  Simply get in touch with our experts today for advice or to place an order. 

Download our NES VulcOrings Product PDF for more information on our range of large vulcanised O-Rings.  Trust NES for high-quality, cost-effective, and timely solutions for your large O-Ring needs. 


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