Large O-Rings

Large O-Rings

NES offer a huge range of large O-rings, available in any size to suit your needs. Our large diameter O-rings are spliced and vulcanised, making them ideal for static applications and low-pressure work. The vulcanisation of these products means our large O-rings can be produced in any size, with no upper limit, more quickly and cost effectively than moulded O-rings of the same size could be.

Why choose our vulcanised large O-rings?

The process of vulcanising our large O-rings uses uncured raw materials to create a stronger, better bond than splicing alone. Here’s why our large rubber O-rings are the best choice for you:

  • Wide range of sizes: Vulcanised O-rings can be made in sizes from 1.78mm up to 25.4mm, and even larger than that on request.
  • A better seal: Splicing using parent material to fuse the two ends of the O-ring together, which is far superior to cyanoacrylate bonding of the O-ring.
  • Cost effective: Tooling costs are avoided; therefore, these large O-rings are a more affordable solution.
  • Timely delivery: Again, because tooling is not necessary, the lead times for vulcanised O-rings is much shorter.

Thanks to the quality of our manufacturing, our large rubber O-rings achieve a high level of strength, almost as much as a moulded O-ring, but are faster to produce.

Ordering large rubber O-rings from us

We carry a range of un-joined O-ring stock, so chances are we have the right size for you in our facility. However, if you require something unique or non-standard, we’ll be happy to manufacture a bespoke order for you. Simply get in touch with our experts today for advice or to place an order.