NES Precision Moulded Products

High Quality Seamless Solutions with NES Precision Moulded Products 

NES is a leading manufacturer of high-quality precision moulded products that are developed to meet the demands of challenging applications.  With a wide-ranging, high-grade material portfolio, NES offers versatile sealing solutions that can be customised to fit any size ID. 

Wide-Ranging, High-Grade Material Portfolio 

NES offers a diverse range of materials to choose from, including exotic materials, FDA-approved materials, 3A-approved materials, metal detectable materials, USP Class VI-approved materials, and EU 1935-approved materials.  This wide range of materials enables NES to provide the perfect solution for any application, no matter how challenging. 

Exacting ISO3601 Standards 

Our products are manufactured to exacting ISO3601 standards, including CS grade for critical sealing applications.  This ensures that NES products provide reliable and consistent performance, even in the most demanding environments. 

In-House Linear Press 

NES has an in-house linear press that enables us to manufacture O-rings and profiles with an increased upper ID and no join.  This unique capability provides a seamless solution for customers who require customised seals. 

Class VI Clean Room Manufacturing Capabilities 

Within our purpose-built facilities, NES also has Class VI clean room manufacturing capabilities, which enables us to produce high-quality products that are free from contamination.  This capability is particularly important for applications that require a sterile environment. 

Rubber to Metal Bonded Sub-Assemblies/Components 

NES has extensive experience in producing high-quality custom rubber-to-metal bonded parts/sub-systems, serving demanding markets such as semi-con with a broad range of complex and simple sub-assemblies.  By using highly developed techniques combined with an in-depth understanding of how materials interact, NES produces market-leading bond strength between rubber (low out-gassing Viton FKM) and titanium. 

Precision Moulding 

NES precision moulded seals are used in a diverse range of applications, including military hardware, aircraft interior infrastructure, and semi-con lithography machines.  NES can provide any size of ID fully moulded O-rings, developed using specifically formulated elastomeric mixtures tailored to customers’ requirements.  NES’ precision moulding promise is supported by a wide range of physical and mechanical tests. 

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If you require high-quality, reliable precision moulded products, contact NES today to discuss how our ISO 6/Class clean room production can support your requirements.  Our team of experts is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. 

Precision Moulded Products


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