FEP Tubing / Extruded FEP

The Ideal Solution for a Wide Range of Demanding Environments 

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) tubing is a highly versatile material suitable for various industrial applications.  As it is non-toxic, chemically inert, and FDA compliant, FEP is perfect for use in food preparation.  It also withstands extreme temperatures, corrosive materials, and dynamic applications. 

NES can provide extruded FEP tubing in various lengths according to your requirements, cut as one complete piece or in specified sizes.  If you need your extruded FEP tubes to be readily identifiable, we can embed pigment as a solid colour to make recognition easier.  Please note that a minimum order quantity and development time apply. 

FEP Material Compatibility 

FEP has outstanding properties, making it a top choice for challenging environments.  These properties include chemical inertness, low friction, self-lubrication, non-stick, and self-cleaning properties.  It is also non-toxic, has a broad temperature range, and is non-flammable. 

Only a few materials are known to react to FEP, such as elemental alkali metals, highly potent oxidisers, and certain high-concentration compounds.  Our team can provide advice on the compatibility of FEP with your specific needs. 


While FEP and PTFE share many material properties, there are significant differences when selecting the right material for your requirements.  FEP is completely transparent, while PTFE is a milky white colour.  Other differences include: 

  • Lower melting temperature for FEP than PTFE 
  • Lower coefficient of friction, making FEP better for dynamic applications 
  • Water resistance, with an absorption rate of less than 0.01% 
  • Wide temperature range of -250°C to 205°C 
  • Greater flexibility than PTFE 
  • Superior non-stick capabilities compared to PTFE 
  • Higher chemical inertness than PTFE 
  • UV resistance, ensuring FEP does not degrade with age 

FEP tubing is the preferred material when any of these factors are relevant, or when transparency is advantageous.  If you’re unsure whether to choose extruded FEP or PTFE, our expert team can provide advice tailored to your needs. 


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