EPDM extrusion

NES are leading UK producers of EPDM products, including EPDM extrusions for industrial applications. From standard to custom extrusions, we have decades of experience in the precision manufacturing required to produce the perfect EPDM extrusion for your needs.

The versatility of EPDM is reflected in the wide variety of applications we supply. Our EPDM extrusions are used extensively in multiple industries, but are also used as glazing gaskets, door seals and for a whole host of uses in the marine and medical fields too.

The benefits of EPDM extrusions

EPDM, or to give it its full title, ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a type of rubber which has incredible high and low temperature resistance. Its deflation recovery is excellent, and it has good resistance to weather, ozone and UV too.

This material is highly versatile and suitable for use in a variety of applications. Some of its most advantageous properties include:

  • Wide temperature range: -40°C to +150°C
  • Suitable for food contact: EPDM meets WRAS, NSF and FDA certification standards
  • Chemical resistance: Resists attack from many acids, alkalis and solvents

EPDM is not suitable for use with mineral oil, but otherwise is a useful, multipurpose material that serves a valuable purpose in a multitude of industries.

Our EPDM extrusions

Manufactured in our Sheffield factory, we can create EPDM extrusions to your specification. These an be produced as tubing or cord and with square or rectangular profiles to suit your needs. Our EPDM extrusions can be manufactured in a range of shore hardness and in different colours including the usual black.

All our standard EPDM extrusions are manufactured to British, European or International Standards. As well as this, our team can manufacture extrusions to bespoke designs, making it easier for you to create a noise and vibration resistant seal for your project.

For more advice on EPDM extrusions or any of our other products, get in touch with our experienced team today.