EPDM Extrusions

High-Quality EPDM Extrusions for Industrial Applications

NES is a leading UK producer of EPDM products, including EPDM extrusions for industrial applications.  With decades of experience in precision manufacturing, we can produce both standard and custom extrusions tailored to your needs. 

The versatility of EPDM is showcased in the wide variety of applications we cater to.  Our EPDM extrusions are used extensively across multiple industries, as well as for glazing gaskets, door seals, and various uses in the marine and medical fields. 

Advantages of EPDM Extrusions 

EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a type of rubber known for its exceptional high and low-temperature resistance.  It also boasts excellent deflation recovery and resistance to weather, ozone, and UV. 

This versatile material is suitable for a variety of applications, with some of its key properties including: 

  • Wide temperature range: -40°C to 150°C 
  • Food contact suitability: EPDM meets WRAS, NSF, and FDA certification standards 
  • Chemical resistance: Resists attack from numerous acids, alkalis, and solvents 

While EPDM is not suitable for use with mineral oil, it remains a valuable, multipurpose material in a multitude of industries. 

Our EPDM Extrusions 

Manufactured in our Sheffield factory, we can create EPDM extrusions to your exact specifications.  Available as tubing or cord and in square or rectangular profiles, our EPDM extrusions can be manufactured in a range of shore hardness levels and colours, including the standard black. 

All our standard EPDM extrusions are produced to British, European, or International Standards.  In addition, our team can manufacture bespoke extrusions to help you create noise and vibration-resistant seals for your products. 

For more advice on EPDM extrusions or any of our other products, please contact our experienced team today. 


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