Silicone 70 FDA O-Ring Cord

High-Quality Silicone 70 FDA O-Ring Cord for Diverse Applications

Silicone is one of the most popular material choices for seals due to its resistance to temperature extremes, inert nature, and versatility.  NES supplies high-quality Silicone 70 FDA O-ring cord to customers, offering them the flexibility to manufacture their own replacement O-rings as needed. 

Having a supply of Silicone 70 FDA O-ring cord in your facility can be incredibly convenient for creating O-rings to your specifications or requiring fast, on-the-spot replacements. 

Benefits of Silicone 70 FDA O-Ring Cord 

Silicone possesses key properties that make it an excellent choice for specific applications, including: 

  • High flexibility: Resistant to cracking, freezing, and misshaping, even in extreme temperatures 
  • Weather resistance: Maintains a reliable seal in the presence of UV, sunlight, and ozone 
  • Shrink-proof: Retains its shape without shrinking, even after extended use 
  • Waterproof: Highly water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for waterproofing seals 
  • Wide temperature range: Durability from -50°C up to 210°C 

Silicone 70 FDA O-ring cord is a reliable and durable choice for demanding environments. 

Ordering Your Silicone 70 FDA O-Ring Cord

We can supply various cross-sections of Silicone 70 FDA O-ring cord, either on a spool or cut to your specified length.  If you’re working at extreme temperatures, we can also provide specialist silicone cord tailored to your application. 

With decades of experience, NES is well-equipped to help you find the perfect product for your needs.  Speak to our expert team today, and we’ll be happy to recommend the right components for your specialist applications or even manufacture something bespoke just for you. 


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