NES are a leading manufacturer and distributor of silicone rubber products. We offer a variety of different formulations to suit your requirements and applications. From O-rings to Inflatable Seals, our wide range of high-performance silicone products are commonly used in multiple industries across the globe.

Silicone rubber is a synthetic elastomer which is composed of silicon together with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is a popular sealing solution for many industries and used in a variety of mechanical, electrical, and medical appliances, including automotive components, shaft seals and dialysis tubing.

Silicone rubber has certain inherent advantages because of its stability and non-reactive properties that make it highly resistant to extreme environments and temperatures. It can withstand the coolest and hottest of conditions with a safe temperature range of -67 °F to 572 °F (-55 °C to 300 °C) while still maintaining its useful properties.

It is also highly resistant to most chemicals and, due to its inertness, it is used in many medical applications including medical implants. It is biocompatible and hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for baby care and food products.

Silicone 70 FDA O Ring Cord | View Product

Silicone 70 FDA O-ring Cord has high flexibility even in extreme temperatures, making it resistant to freezing and cracking. It’s also shrink proof, waterproof and weather resistant.

Silicone Extrusion | View Product

Silicone Extrusions can withstand extreme temperatures and are available in any colour you require. They are used in many applications, from window seals to industrial gaskets.

Silicone o-Rings| View Product

Silicone O-rings are an ideal seal for extreme-temperature applications. They are resistant to UV, ozone, engine oil and renowned for flexibility and low compression set characteristics.