Every industry should push its boundaries – we at NES are firm believers in that and it is a part of our corporate DNA.

NES understand that Pharmaceutical and Medical applications often require demanding sealing solutions that are able to offer compliance to a variety of industry standards, temperature capability and chemical resistance.

The seals used in a variety of applications must be able to cope with an extensive range of process media and aggressive cleaning and sterilisation processes as well as adhering to industry hygiene standards.

In meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical markets we constantly challenge our own processes, products and solutions to ensure that they are the most technically advanced. This means we are able to meet and exceed client expectations and are qualified to major industry standards.

NES offers a comprehensive range of high performance sealing materials and solutions, optimised for demanding and performance-critical applications within the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry.

From standard off-the-shelf encapsulated seals through to engineered, bespoke inflatable and moulding solutions, NES deliver on time and on budget, be it for one-off or volume quantities.

NES also provides a comprehensive range of services designed to assist with material selection, materials testing and failure analysis.

Our industry approvals include:

  • FDA, 3-A, USP Class VI, EC1935/2004, EC2023/2006, ADI-FREE & WRAS
  • Compatible with most process media
  • Able to withstand cleaning regimes and sanitisation practices including solvents, steams and amines
  • Operating temperatures in the range of -60°C to +327°C (-76°F to 621°F)
  • Full manufacturing traceability to customer requirement
  • Fully compatible USP Class VI joins for all products, setting NES apart from the market
  • Suitable for clean in place (CIP) sterilisation in place (SIP)

For information relating to the selection of material compound for pharmaceutical applications please click on the links below to access our material compound database.


We have a varied amount of products / compounds suitable for the Pharmaceutical Industry. These are categorised by 'Material Type' below. To view the datasheets available, simply click on the link.


Compound Number Compound Description NES Material Datasheet
MC187 Black EPDM FDA 75 Shore Download
MC309 Black EPDM FDA USP Class VI 70 Shore Download
MC314 Black EPDM FDA 70 Shore Download


Compound Number Compound Description NES Material Datasheet
MC307 Black Viton FDA USP VI 70 Shore Download
MC385 Blue FKM USP Class VI 70 Shore Download


Compound Number Compound Description NES Material Datasheet
MC203 Red Silicone FDA 75 Shore Download
MC265 Red Silicone FDA 60 Shore Download
MC308 Translucent Silicone FDA 70 Shore Download
MC313 Translucent Silicone FDA 70 Shore Download