Why You Shouldn’t Take Your O-Rings for Granted

Dec 9, 2020

O-rings are a crucial component and are vital to the overall performance of your application. Despite this, they are something that many take for granted without thinking about what would happen if they fail. Essentially, they become an afterthought.

However, O-rings are an integral part of your machine and application because, without them, things would become problematic quickly. The smallest fault, tear or nick in your O-ring could lead to leaks, damage to equipment or a complete failure. What’s more, they could also cause contamination issues in food or pharmaceutical manufacturing and that could pose a health and safety risk to the public. So, even if you might think that there is a problem with your o-ring or believe that it needs changing then it makes sense to do it because the implications of not doing so could be catastrophic.

The cost of a small replacement against the cost of the damage caused as well as downtime and man-hours that are lost cannot be compared. So, it’s simply not worth trying to use the same O-rings or continue knowing that there might be a potential problem or fault.

Regardless of the type of O-ring you are using, they all have a certain shelf-life. When you consider the likes of Polyurethane and Styrene Butadiene which have a short shelf-life and the likes of Viton, which has an unlimited shelf-life, it is clear to see that they are different. However, regardless of how different they might be, when they are put to use they both become just as likely to develop problems through becoming worn, torn or damaged.

Essentially, the main thing to consider is that you shouldn’t take them for granted. They serve their purpose but why avoid replacing them at a minimal cost when you face the risk of significant problems otherwise. So, it’s worth remembering that if your O-ring fails, your entire system could be brought to a standstill and that will always prove to be costly.

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