Why British Manufacturing and Technological Development are Essential Components of the Burgeoning UK Space Sector

Oct 31, 2022

NES is at the forefront of technological development for the UK space sector. The UK space sector has been growing and going from strength to strength in recent years as we, as a nation, look to position ourselves as a leading manufacturer.

We provide a number of different seals to be used in this burgeoning sector, being at the cutting edge of developing and testing new materials to be used in high-pressure environments.

Alongside our sister company Rubbercraft, we are able to offer fully approved materials, supported by our wide-ranging experience, within the Group which extends to EMI-RFI shielding. We a

Why technological development is important

With space being such an unstable environment with a high potential for unforeseen mishaps it is extremely important that all the machinery and parts required are of the highest specification for safety and cost-effectiveness. It is important that we, as NES and the UK space sector as a whole, push for further product development to build the industry and remain at the forefront of it.

Regardless of the practicality of good-quality space components, constant product development is essential to the UK becoming the first choice for engineering within the space sector. Doing so will help to grow the space sector within the UK and subsequently boost the economy and provide jobs.

NES rigorously tests all elastomeric seals, no matter the industry, as we know that mishaps are unacceptable. We have a proven track record of supplying top-of-the-line seals to a number of industries that operate in the harshest environments.

As the industry grows, so do the requirements. Constant technological development in seals is important to ensure that our products are up to spec with the newest technology. This is key for functionality and overall safety. This is something we have done in the nuclear and aerospace sectors with great results and it is essential for us to continue to do so in the space sector.

What are the technological developments NES provides the space sector?

Our main products are an ever-expanding line of elastomeric seals with a proven track record of success in harsh environments.

NES offers the optimal choice of material compound; expertly developed with an excellent standard of project management and, above all, technical support. We are as renowned for our responsiveness and agility in finding the right solution as our product development and rigorous testing.

Sealing is particularly important when it comes to space as the harshest environment requires strong sealing for functionality and safety. We have developed a superb line of bladders, P seals, airframe seals, vacuum bags, extrusions/O Rings and custom mouldings to be used in conjunction with other mechanisms within the space sector.

All the materials we use are of the highest grade and have the ability to withstand the extreme environment of space with little issue.