Where Are Inflatable Seals Used?

Sep 21, 2020

Inflatable seals are developed to provide a solution when it comes to sealing against powders, gases, liquids, dust and granules. They are generally used to seal fabricated equipment where the sealing gap can vary while they are useful in instances where assembly and disassembly must take place quickly. They are also suitable for use where hygienic procedures exist.

But where are they used?


Marine Applications

These seals provide a watertight solution for door applications and sliding windows while they are also used in transom and salon doors on yachts. As they can be fitted into machined grooves, frog leg and channel fit profiles are commonly used.

The Handling of Powders and Solids

They are commonly used in food processes and pharmaceutical industries where powders are transferred and require an airtight seal. This can include the likes of bulk bag filler seals, hopper seals and seals for viscous pumping equipment.

Energy Generation Industry

Inflatable seals are used in the energy generation industry and in particular, nuclear power. They are suitable for meeting the tight tolerances as well as the tight quality control that needs to be put in place. They are used to seal pool gates in nuclear power plants while they are also used to seal airlocks, access door and equipment hatches.

Airtight Doors

Inflatable seals are ideal for ensuring a positive seal is achieved on doors that require an airtight seal. As they expand towards sealing, they can handle variations in the tolerances when the door is manufactured. While they create a positive seal, they also provide frequent access as they can be inflated and deflated. They are commonly found in chemical processing plants, laboratories and research facilities.

Aerospace, Transportation and Defence

All of these industries use inflatable seals for both bespoke and technical applications. Inflatable seals are used to deliver uniform pressure when bonding airframe components while they are also used to seal wind tunnels.

Inflatable seals can also be used to create watertight seals on military and other vehicles. In many cases, USP Class Vi and FDA certified, making it suitable for use in a range of industries. They can be developed to be heat and water-resistant, making them the perfect sealing solution across a variety of uses.

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