What are the uses of Viton™ Rubber?

Mar 3, 2020

Viton™ Rubber is a highly durable and versatile type of rubber that is ideal for a wide range of applications, and the strength of this rubber makes it an extremely useful material to have at your disposal. It is a form of fluoroelastomer, a type of fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber, which has very high chemical resistance and is thus used in a wide range of applications.

There are four families of Viton™ Rubber, A, B, F and specialty, and these families vary by fluorine grade and can all be used for a wide range of purposes. The B family, for example, has a fluorine grade of around 68%, and is often used in seals and gaskets, while the specialty types are more commonly used in the automotive industry. The temperature resistance of this rubber paired with its high tolerance to a lot of chemicals and oils makes Viton™ Rubber a very useful material when mechanical stability and mobility is required under harsh conditions. This makes Viton™ Rubber extremely favourable in situations where hot oil may be of an issue, such as within the automotive or high-performance manufacturing industries.

The list of advantages continues, as the resistance to pressure of Viton™ Rubber also makes it useful in situations where other types of rubber would become brittle. If an O-ring is going to be subjected to high pressure for example, and if fuel is also going to be in contact with it over a long period of time, the importance of strength and durability becomes immediately clear. The high quality of Viton™ Rubber also makes it very useful in situations where acidic biodiesel is going to be used as fuel, as this would corrode most other types of rubber quite quickly.

When considering which material to use, it will be very useful to fully understand the specific range of capabilities of Viton™ Rubber. Viton™ can withstand temperatures between 40oC and 250oC, making it truly versatile for oil and gas refineries and the aerospace industry. The rubber can withstand a long list of chemicals, including many oils and acids, as well as halogenated and aromatic hydrocarbons, which makes this rubber an excellent choice for anything that involves fuel, from the automotive industry to large-scale manufacturing plants. In terms of weathering and wear and tear, Viton™ Rubber can hold up even under the most extreme of conditions.

It is clear that Viton™ Rubber has many uses, across many different disciplines and industries. You can take full advantage of the temperature, weather and chemical resistance of this material when it comes to choosing the right one for any job. It truly is a revolutionary material that will give you the power to handle tougher projects under more extreme conditions, and the reliability of Viton™ Rubber makes it extremely useful in projects or builds where there is a long-term plan involving plenty of use.