O Rings


Looking for a high-quality seal? O-rings are often the best solution, and NES are a leading manufacturer and distributor within the UK. We manufacture everything from EDPM to Nitrile and FKM O-ring seals. Our extensive product range is available in a variety of robust materials, which are suitable for all kinds of demanding applications across a whole host of industries.

O-rings are one of the most common seals for modern machinery and are used in everything from heavy plant to agricultural machinery, marine applications and the automotive industry. Whether you need a industry standard size or made-to-measure seal, our O-rings are developed to be straightforward to use and make a tight seal whatever the application.

These donut-shaped rings come in all sizes and are developed to prevent the passage of water, steam, oil or air. They are used in anything from underwater cameras, to scuba gear to and a range of static and dynamic mechanical applications. They fit seamlessly into a groove and are then compressed to form a seal at the interface between the two parts.

O-rings come in a range of materials to suit an application and to provide the best fluid compatibility.

At NES, you’re not only investing in great products from a premium quality manufacturer, but you’ll also experience excellent customer service and second-to-none expertise.

Nitrile O-Rings | View Product

Nitrile O-rings are commonly used seals for a range of applications. They offer great resistance to oil-based fuels, silicone greases, hydraulic fluids, water and alcohols.

Silicone O-Rings | View Product

Silicone O-rings are an ideal seal for extreme-temperature applications. They are resistant to UV, ozone, engine oil and renowned for flexibility and low compression set characteristics.

PFA O-Rings | View Product

PFA encapsulated O-rings are a cost-effective sealing solution. With low friction levels, resistance to gas permeability and chemicals, they are used for a wide a range of industries.

USP Class Vi | View Product

USP Class VI O-rings are made from compliant elastomer materials that can be used in medical sealing, bio-technology industries and hygiene equipment.

Viton O-Rings | View Product

Viton O-rings have a wide range of uses in many industrial applications. They are resistant to oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and a have an excellent tolerance to high temperatures.

FEP O-Rings | View Product

FEP O-rings comprise of an elastomer core which is encapsulated in Teflon fluoropolymer. They are often used in applications where chemical resistance and hygiene is required.

PTFE O-Rings | View Product

PTFE O-rings are made from a tough and abrasive-resistant material. They have an excellent resistance to almost all chemicals including acids, bases, oils, steam.

Large O-Rings | View Product

For applications which require large seals, we offer O-rings in any size to suit your needs. They are spliced and vulcanised, making them ideal for low-pressure work.

Vulc O-Rings | View Product

These hot vulcanised, splice joined seals are ideal for diverse applications. Vulc O-rings ensure a longer sealing life with the joint strength of around 90% of a fully moulded part.