How we Develop and Test Products for Implementation in the Nuclear Sector

Oct 31, 2022

The nuclear sector is among the most demanding energy sectors when it comes to what is required of materials used in energy production.

As producers of seals that will be put to use in crucial areas, we must rigorously test all the different types of materials and seal shapes we use. That way, if we encounter any faults during initial testing, we can develop solutions or, in some cases, entirely new products better suited to the job.

Elastomeric Sealing

Our main products for use in the nuclear sector are our range of elastomeric seals.

NES elastomeric sealing solutions utilise premium materials, including NORSOK-approved polymers that offer a useful mix of chemical resistance and extreme temperature performance.

When we develop elastomeric sealing solutions for nuclear, we rigorously test our products, naturally, with a key focus on these areas of resistance:

  • Temperatures as low as -46°C (-51°F) or lower – NES elastomeric seals undergo rigorous temperature tests to ensure they can handle the lowest possible temperatures they will ever encounter. 
  • High-temperature & high-pressure environments – Conversely, it is important that elastomeric seals can also deal with high temperatures. This extreme temperature functionality is what makes elastomeric seals doubly suited for use in the nuclear sector. Furthermore, elastomeric seals perform well in high-pressure environments, subterranean and underwater locales for example, which only adds to their usefulness. 
  • Resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals – No matter which part of the nuclear process the chemicals are used in, our elastomeric seals are guaranteed to be able to withstand all commonly used chemicals and numerous others. 

All of the above factors are important within any of the energy sectors in which we operate, but doubly so for the nuclear sector where safety is of the highest importance. 

Membrane Technology

NES has worked extremely hard, tirelessly, to develop our range of seals using membrane technology to outperform most competitors being utilised within the nuclear sector. Choosing an NES seal guarantees you a high-standards where performance, durability and value are concerned. 

We like to manage and nurture relationships, which is why we put such a focus on aftercare and after-sales support. This is not only to help clients with any unforeseen issues but also to get feedback on the products which we can then utilise in future research and development to continuously improve and make the best products for use in the nuclear sector.

Membrane seals are all custom-made to suit a diverse range of applications. All of these seals are top-of-the-range and feature the highest quality imaginable for sealing solutions.

Our membrane seals feature:

  • In-house extrusion or moulding – Using either of these offers complete control over dimensions. Extrusion moulding allows for materials to fit a number of different shapes, sizes and therefore environments.
  • Patented membrane technology – This is essential for wrap-around sealing which subsequently saves downtime and reduces costs.
  • A huge range of available materials – Materials include: EDPM, Silicone and Viton™
  • The support of expert engineers – Our team of experts are always on-hand to assist with custom orders and fulfilment of complex requirements.