How metal detectable o-rings can reduce downtime

Sep 21, 2020

One of the most important aspects of producing and manufacturing food and medicines in the food and pharmaceutical industries is that contaminants are kept at bay. If they enter the production chain, then it can bring it to a grinding halt and that costs money. However, while it is possible to mitigate risks, there is still every possibility that it can happen as unexpected particles from parts of the machine and deteriorate such as a rubber seal.

Seals form an integral part of the process in areas such as pipe couplings where ingredients pass through. While the seals are developed for long-term use, over time, they can wear and become brittle which means that they have the potential to enter the system and the process. If these are found in the final product then this can cause a huge range of problems such as having to stop production and recall products. It will also have an impact on consumers and what they think of the products, leading to a loss of sales.

Detecting Contaminants with Metal/X-Ray Detectable

If pure rubber is used within machinery, particles find their way into the process, they can be extremely difficult to detect during the control process. Therefore, there are special rubber materials that have been developed to overcome this problem as they can be detected by Metal/X-ray Detection or via magnets. The basic materials used for these products are EPDM, NBR, FKM and Silicones and all are specially developed materials for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries and so, they meet the specific requirements of the FDA.

Much of the equipment used in these industries will have X-ray and magnetism detection systems built-in and so, there is no need to adapt or modify the equipment in any way. Even particles as small as 2mm can be detected using this specialised equipment.

There is a wide range of advantages that come with using metal-detectable products. They are made from high-quality materials and they are developed to last. Whether they are metal detectable O-rings or coupling rings, they are all completely detectable and developed to help minimise problems.

Therefore, metal detectable O-rings can be easily and quickly detected, and this means that downtime is reduced as well as the need to carry out recalls which saves time.

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