FEP encapsulated O-rings

FEP O-rings

FEP Encapsulated o-rings

If you are looking for an FEP o-ring then you are in the right place at NES. FEP encapsulated o-rings are highly recommended for hostile environments for instances where a standard o-ring is not adequate enough in terms of chemical resistance for the application it is to be used with.

FEP encapsulated silicon o-rings are used where there is chemical resistance in play. If a solid PTFE o-ring does not offer the relevant level of elasticity for fluid sealing it offers an effective

alternative. They are used within a number of industries, including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and

the food industry. The product is used is mostly static applications but can also be effective when used with rotary applications that offer slow dynamic movement and short movements.

There are a number of benefits linked to these seals, with FEP encapsulated o-rings offering a great level of resistance within a wide range of applications. They can be used within applications

where operational temperatures range from -60C to +260C (with a silicone core), and -20C to +204C (with a fluorocarbon core).

Other benefits include a much better level of elasticity when compared with a standard and solid PTFE o-ring, and there is also the characteristic

FEP o-rings

that the seal offer low friction and an effect of low levels of co -efficient of friction within the application.

The o-rings that we offer are flexible in terms of their use, being completely interchangeable with the standard offering of elastomeric o-rings. Due to the FEP sheath they are less flexible than you w

ould find with the normal o-rings and the elastic nature of those, they have a limited level of

stretch and a higher permanent deformation. All of this means is that when you are fitting an FEP o-ring you may need auxiliary tools in order to maximise the efficiency of the fitting process.

The best encapsulated FEP o-rings by NES

To find out more information about our FEP o-ring products, why not contact our friendly NES Sales Team. We only supply the highest quality of product and by speaking to us we can discuss your specific needs and requirements and put together a service to match yours.