Inflatable seals

Our rubber inflatable seals are some of the most versatile parts we sell. Each one is precision extruded and can be custom made to fit your precise application. The profile is developed to expand when inflated in position, creating a tight, perfect barrier, even in challenging applications.

These are, therefore, the ideal choice for applications where you need a clean, powerful seal to protect from dust, contamination and moisture. Our inflatable rubber seals can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials to different grades and specification, to suit your individual application and needs.

Using vulcanisation manufacturing techniques, our seals are the strongest out there. Our elastomer inflatable seals can be manufactured in, fluoropolymers such as Viton™, silicones and EDPM and other materials. Chat to our team about your requirements, and they’ll be happy to let you know what we can provide.

Where can inflatable rubber seals be used?

Because these types of seals inflate, they can create a perfect gasket in places where fixed seals might struggle. They provide a high integrity solutions to for applications where protection from powders, gasses, liquids and granules is required, and where the gap being sealed is not necessarily standard.

Our inflatable rubber seals, known as NES TECHNIFLATE®, are particularly useful in:

  • Assembly and deconstruction needs to be done quickly and easily
  • The gap which they are being used to seal might vary
  • Procedures exist which are under hygiene control, for example in food production

All of the NES TECHINFLATE® seals we sell are pressure tested to ensure compatibility with a variety of applications. These tests are performed with 1 bar of pressure. For more information on NES TECHINFLATE® or any other o-rings we sell, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions over the phone.

Ordering your inflatable seals from NES

We offer many standard profiles however, we also understand that, for some applications, standard just isn’t going to do the job. For this reason, we offer custom inflatable seals, made to your specifications and manufactured from either samples or drawings that you have supplied.

Seals are available in a range of elastomers including nitrile, Viton™, silicone and EPDM, and through our vulcanisation process we can manufacture and join almost any shape and size of seal for your needs. If you’d like to order, we’ll need from you:

  • A sample of the seal required, if this is possible
  • A 3D drawing of the seal showing radius corners
  • Information regarding the inflation direction
  • Valve type

If you require more assistance with ordering your custom inflatable seals, simply download our NES TECHNIFLATE® Inflatable Seal form here and get in touch with our expert team and we’ll be pleased to assist. If you need help specifying the material, valve type of any other detail, our mechanical engineering expertise will ensure you get the right product for your needs.